Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wanted to share.

A part of my devotion this morning. I have been going through some things and just been getting alone with God and working through them feeling hurt and rejected. What I know is that "No one understands likes Jesus"

No one understands like Jesus. He's a friend beyond compare; meet Him at the throne of mercy; He is waiting for you there.

No one understand like Jesus; ev'ry woe he sees and feels; tenderly. He whispers comfort, and the broken heart He heals.

N one understands like Jesus when the foes of life assail; you should never be discouraged; Jesus cares and will not fail.

No one understands like Jesus when you falter on the way; tho you fail Him, sadly fail Him, He will pardon you today.

No one understands like Jesus when the days are dark and grim; no one is so near, so dear as Jesus--cast your ev'ry care on Him.

That spoke to me so much this morning. I know there are times in my life when I think no one understands but the truth of the matter is...............Jesus does. He cares more than we think. We just need to turn our struggles over to Him.

I pray that this speaks to someone and they feel comfort in the arms of Jesus.

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  1. It's been a blessing to visit here this morning...I appreciate your focus on the Lord. He will sustain you in all things that you are called to in this life...WITH HIM!! We are so blessed to call Him Lord and Saviour and Friend!
    Have a wonderful day!